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Help With PPI Claims Needed For The ‘Next Wave’ According To Reports

April 24th, 2014 by

According to recent reports, it is likely that there will be a ‘next wave’ of payment protection insurance claims that will be submitted to the British banks’.

With around 70% of mis sold ppi policies (that were miss sold) still to claim for, we could be approaching what is seen to be one of the busiest periods of time for the ppi claims companies, and also the claims departments for the banks, and potentially the financial ombudsman.

Whenever commercial advertisements go live on the television, it makes more and more people aware that mis sold payment protection insurance can, and still will be claimed for British people, and as a result of this, they look online and make a claim.

This cycle of consumer behaviour has and does go on, and this has been the case for years, and it is thought that with the sudden influx of fresh ppi claims advertisements during the course of the past year, there will be a wave of fresh claimants, all wanting to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, (compensation for miss sold ppi insurance).

It is expected that this next wave of applicants will begin at the beginning of May, with the early summer months yielding a lot of enquiries before people go on their summer holidays, presumably because they feel they could do with some extra cash and thus would like to claim back some compensation if it is owed to them by the banks.

The banks have set aside millions of pounds to recompense mis-selling victims, and any potential claimant could be owed up to £2,500 on average per claim.

Anyone who suspects any foul play from the banks should check their policies for any signs of mis-selling, because there are hidden policies buried into a whole host of financial arrangements, and sometimes claims come from places that are unexpected.

The majority of inbound ppi reclaim enquiries are now generated on the internet, and also through response via SMS texts, however we advise that you work with a company you can trust, you can get a good idea of the company from looking at their website, or perhaps talking with a member of staff from their company who could perhaps provide feedback on any questions that you posed to them as a result of your research.

Another good idea is to check any website policies they might have or service-level agreements, so that you can check if you are satisfied with their processes etc.

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