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PPI Claims Facility

This site is for people who have had miss sold ppi policies and wish to claim back their payment protection insurance payments.

If you suspect you have been miss sold ppi and wish to find out if you can make a claim, this site provides that facility to the general UK public, to start your claim submit the required information into the form on the right hand side and our expert advisers will start proceedings to get your complaint processed and underway.

The claim is commenced as soon as the information is received and verified by our experts, a phone consultation might be necessary in order to clarify certain pieces of information about any potential claims.

What Is Payment Protection Insurance?

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is a financial facility that is offered to the general public to guarantee payments to protect any financial arrangements against any unforeseen circumstances, such as sickness or unemployment – it is intended to offer piece of mind for individuals that wish to ensure the continuity of their own financial management of bills and other obligations in the event something unforeseen prevents them from attending to these matters.

Can I make a claim?

First you need to know whether or not you have insurance included within your policies, a good way to find out is to check your paperwork although this is not absolutely necessary, if you choose to speak with an expert adviser they will be able to check the details on your behalf, and process any claims you wish to make in the event that there is a valid complaint.

If your case is valid and you qualify for a refund, this will be prepared on your behalf and pursued by our adviser’s in order to bring about a timely completion of the case and (if the case is successful) making sure you receive your compensation form the financial institution that owes that to you.

Going back to the initial question this really depends on how valid the complaint is, if it is a qualifying case then yes you can make a claim for ppi.

How Much Compensation Will I Win?

Please make sure your case qualifies before considering this, however the absolute average figure across all successful payouts is around £2,750 per completed case, however many people have several ppi claims to make per person so it is possible that it could be a lot of money, equally possible is that the payout could only be small.

The truth is it depends on the nature of the financial arrangements that you are trying to get a ppi refund from.

If you have a handful of loans, and these are all £10,000, then it is possible that you will receive a substantial sum of money (assuming all of the loans have insurance on them).

However, if you only have a couple of small credit cards the insurance would only be small and so would any relevant payment protection contributions, it is important to exercise a common sense approach when trying to estimate amounts of compensation.

*The ppi claims company processing your complaint will accept no liability on any possible or probable estimations on any payouts due to be received for 2 reasons.

1/This is something that is controlled & influenced by the financial institutions themselves, the size of the financial arrangement (s), the nature of the policies themselves.

2/ The speed in which the case can be processed and dealt with by the financial ombudsman service in the event that their intervention is needed for the progression of a case or a dispute around a submitted case, the speed in which this is completed is at their discretion and dependent on volumes of complaints.